18 December 2015

Shipping Container Villages

Over the years, container architecture has become increasingly popular as a green alternative to construction; shipping containers have gained popularity as building materials due to their strength, wide availability and affordability.  Container architecture is also referred to as cargotecture – a term that combines the words ‘cargo’ and architecture; this term perfectly encapsulates the versatility of shipping containers. There are many fascinating structures that have been created using shipping containers; this article will be focusing on three innovative container villages.


San Francisco Container Village

This container village is located in Oakland, California.  Since the cost of renting a home in California is exorbitantly high, individuals have opted for container-living. The founders of this container village, Heather Stewart and Luke Iseman, decided that the rent in San Francisco was too high so why not develop a cost-effective option that gives young professionals the opportunity to be as creative as possible with the design of their living space. Residents of Containertopia get a 160 square foot metal box, which can be modified to their liking; each container is equipped with a glass window, electricity and a bathroom. Although the village is not luxurious, it is comfortable and affordable.

Keetwonen Student Housing

room_kitchen_KeetwonenThis container village was constructed to provide accommodation for students in Amsterdam; it is the second most popular dormitory offered. It is spacious, well-insulated and quiet; the perfect environment for the studious learner. Each student has their own bathroom, kitchen, separate sleeping and study room; each room has large windows. The students also have access to the internet, and there is a bicycle parking area for the cyclists.

Pop Brixton

Pop Brixton is a mini-city in the South of London, and it is constructed entirely of low-cost, low-energy shipping containers; it was designed by Carl Turner Architects, in partnership with the Lambeth Council and The Collective. The converted units provide a studio, retail, office and workshop space for local enterprises.

Pop Brixton_Container Village

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