13 January 2016

Cargotecture: A Solution to Africa’s Impending Housing Crisis

The UN-Habitat has released a report in which it is estimated that, by 2030, there will be higher volumes of people living in urban areas than in rural areas. More and more young people are moving to urban areas to seek better job opportunities. Great as that may be for the economy, the population boom and rapid urbanisation are starting to weigh heavy on cities’ abilities to provide adequate housing. If not addressed timeously, the population boom, rapid urbanisation and housing deficit will lead to a protracted crisis.

Rapid Urbanisation_Informal Settlements

According to the UN-Habitat State of World Cities Report, by 2035:

As more young people from the rural areas migrate to the city in pursuit of a better life, the demand for housing is starting to increase; since many of these young people are unable to afford adequate housing, they are resorting to developing informal settlements, which have a negative effect on residents and the environment.


Is Cargotecture Africa’s Solution?

Cargotecture has been touted as being an eco-friendly and inexpensive solution to the housing crisis faced by many cities in emerging economies such as Nigeria and South Africa. Since last year, a local construction company in Nigerian has been working on a container-home project. Tempohousing Nigeria has estimated that it will take them about a week to construct one two-bedroom house from shipping containers.



Low-cost housing is certainly a possibility in Africa; shipping containers are versatile structures that can be used to build homes to accommodate the growing African population.

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