13 August 2015

8 Uses of Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are no longer merely used to transport goods. There has been an impressive creative expansion concerning these sturdy steel structures. This has resulted in the development of numerous shipping container architectural trends. There are many benefits to using shipping containers as the structural shell for your next construction.

shipping container house1. Low Cost Housing:

Shipping containers have been adapted by architects across the world to develop affordable, innovative houses. Click here to read our 10 Tips Before Building a Shipping Container Home.

27 Boxes Retail Centre2. Retail Buildings:

As seen at 27 Boxes in Melville, Johannesburg has jumped at the opportunity to make use of shipping containers to alleviate construction costs.

container world pool3. Swimming Pools:

Shipping containers are a great alternative to traditional fibre glass swimming pool moulds. If you are interested in constructing your own swimming pool then shipping containers offer a fantastic, stylish shell. An additional bonus is that your shipping container swimming pool is portable. For more information read our article on swimming pools created with shipping containers.

4. Portable Ablution Facilities:

Ablution Container 10

If you are looking for toilet facilities for your next event or site project, then consider hiring portable ablution containers. The ablution containers can be connected to a sewerage line if there is one available, or it can be disposed of chemically. Ablution containers can be fitted with showers, basins and urinals to accommodate all your requirements. These units offer cleanliness and convenience at an affordable price.

5. Fire Training Facility:

Shipping containers are used by fire fighters to practice realistic scenarios in a safe environment. Steel is not combustible and as a result, a fire can be initiated in the container and safely contained if the training procedure does not go according to plan.

Office Container 46. Office Containers:

Whether you are looking for additional office space or temporary on-site offices, shipping containers can provide an affordable solution. These can be fully customised and fitted with the required amenities.

7. Refrigeration Containers:

If you are looking for bulk refrigeration facilities then shipping containers can offer just that. These containers are structurally robust, require minimal maintenance and are equipped with built-in protection against electrical supply fluctuations.

8. Storage Containers:

Shipping containers are designed and manufactured for the purpose of storing goods. They offer safe and secure storage for your valuables. Shipping containers can be used to store anything from furniture to sporting equipment; they are watertight and durable.

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